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livered a report on the implementation of the "Knowledge Innovation Program" (KIP), whic

h aims to ▓make the academy a world-leading base for scientific research. The program was initiated in 1998 and scheduled to finish in 2010. The government would extend the KIP from 2011 to 2020, the meeting was told. The State Council called for deeper reform of research institutes and improved rewards and restrictions to encourage c▓ompetition among scientists and researchers a

nd to foster talent. The government planned to develop education programs that were closely related to the inno▓vation drive and strengthen international cooperation, said the

e success, dedicated to our homeland and t he 50th annivers ary of China鈥檚 s pace industry. B EIJING▓, Marc h 31 (Xinhua ) -- China's State Cou ncil, the cabinet, has said in novation in scie nce and technolog y will improve the nation's compe titiveness i n the world st age. Scientifi c and technologica l innovation could▓ s olve major 彭山县5G 西盟佤族自治县5G 桦甸市wap 永德县5G 宽城满族自治县wap 文安县wap 开平市wap 德兴市5G 松江区wap 河北5G 上犹县5G 普定县5G 陕县5G 阿拉善右旗5G 晋中市5G 磐石市5G 柳州市wap 楚雄市wap 围场满族蒙古族自治县5G 郧西县5G 传奇私服复古版 变态传奇私服上线 热血传奇私服合计 新开英雄传奇私服 传奇私服架设工具 长期散人传奇私服 传奇私服单职业手游 手游传奇私服怎么开 传奇私服gm命令查看 sf999传奇私服新开